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We are specialists with renewable energy, providing Solar PV, battery storage, solar PV maintenance and EV chargers across the UK. At GB Homecare we pride ourselves on our customer service and professional installations. Why not get in touch today for a free quote and design?

The power of solar for your home or business

Why turn to solar ?

There are so many benefits when installing solar panels on your home or business. With the ever rising electric prices, there’s not been a better time to turn to solar! Having solar PV installed will reduce your electric costs per month, increase the value of your property and cut your CO2 emissions. 


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renewable energy

We all need to play our part when it comes to protecting the future of our planet. The usage of fossil fuels is damaging our environment and won’t be around forever! So what’s the solution? Generating energy through renewable sources which produces no greenhouse gas. Solar is the future for us all, so why not get in touch today for a FREE quote and design?

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